The Evil History of the British Family!

There are people who believe they have a God given right to rule over others. They harbor selfish ambitions to be rich, and to have power over what they describe as (common people.)

They lie, cheat steal, strangle, stab, and slash their way to power. They believe that their actual will power, what the British occultist Aleister Crowley described as “The Will of Thelema, (1) The royal will” must be obeyed. They are the British Royal family.

For centuries, the royal elite have devised terrible punishments for anyone accused of treason. The monarchy reserved the most disgusting forms of torture and death for those who questioned “the royal will.” A so called “traitor” would often have each arm and leg tied to 4 horses which were whipped to gallop in opposite directions, thus ripping the victim into four parts while still alive. (2) Often, the royal elite would divide the victims heart into sections, and send them for public display to different parts of the country as a warning.

At one time, Britain contained several small kingdoms ruled over by an inter-married self elected elite, which gradually amalgamated into the single monarchy which rules over ( Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America.) The so called “royal family” is basically German. They are seated on almost every throne in Europe. They are the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg bloodline, (3) which often intermarries with the Kassel-Hesse German nobility and claim Jewish descent from the royal house of David in ancient Israel. By the 1600′s, the thrones of Europe were mainly occupied by extremely wealthy Germans, earning vast profits from peasant labor, slavery, and the international opium trade. This Germanic family known by the titles of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Schleisweg-Holstein-Habsburg-Romanov-Cassel-Hesse share the same tiny genetic bloodline. This can clearly be seen in a photograph of the British King Goerge the “V” standing beside Czar Nicholas of Russia. In fact, they were cousins. (4)

Queen Victoria is considered the most British of all Queens, yet her husband was German, and she usually wrote in German. Contrary to what history books say, Queen Victoria was not popular. (5) She was hissed in public, and there were over seven attempts to kill her. Keeping the populous ignorant, using adults and children as slaves in workhouses, providing no protection against hypothermia, working every man and woman to exhaustion, and imposing a crippling poll tax, was the modus operandi of Queen Victoria and all her relatives sitting on the throne across Europe. Inhuman slums and widespread poverty was common across the whole of Europe right up until the 1970′s. Even now, in the 21′s century, large numbers of British people live in concrete boxes without adequate education, and are therefore unable to find a profession and lift themselves out of poverty.

By the second half of the 16th century, the major bloodlines which sit on the thrones of Britain and Europe today were already established. One of the most viscous crowned killers was Czar Ivan the “IV” of Russia. (6) His mother fell fowl of one of the most common forms of royal assassination. She died of poisoning when young Ivan was just eight years old. When he was just nine years old he started torturing animals. By the age of ten he would personally oversee the torturing of so called political prisoners. He committed his first rape at the age of 11. He was crowned in 1547, and diverted public attention by going to war with Poland and Lithuania. Czar Ivan took thousands of prisoners and personally supervised their torture, often devising the most wicked torture techniques himself. He killed over 60,000 people. Another Royal prince named Vlad (Dracul) took great sadistic pleasure in watching political prisoners eat each other. It is said he made wifes eat their husbands.

Every British and European monarchy has a history of murder by a brother, cousin or wife. Even royal mothers have killed their own children. King William the II of England was murdered by his own brother who became King Henry the first. (7) King Henry II of England imprisoned his wife for many years and murdered his archbishop. King Henrys son was the wicked King Jon, who had his own nephew murdered. (8) In 1212, he personally oversaw the hanging of 28 young boys in Wales. The young Princes Edward an Richard were imprisoned and stabbed to death by order of their Father, King Richard III. (9)

In 1388, the Queen of Aragon was accused of the attempted murder of her own son by using witchcraft. (10) In 1419, Joan of Navar, the widow of King Henry IV, tried using magical spells to kill her stepson. She was convicted. (11) Catherine d’Medici, the Queen of France, performed several satanic black masses for the royal aristocratic elite as well. The Marquise De sade repeatedly abused young prostitutes and wrote about pornographic orgies at his castle in France. Rasputin was murdered by the monarch in 1916 as well. (12) The list of murder and deception goes on and on.

This article is just a brief introduction into the hidden history of the monarchy. If the subject interests you, I suggest researching some of the names and terms in this article. Thanks for reading and if you like the article please leave a comment.

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